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        The United Methodist Men is the official organization for men in the United Methodist Church at the local church,  the Annual Conference, and denominational levels. Among the purposes for the United Methodist Men are:

  • (1) To involve men in a growing relationship to Jesus Christ and His church.

  • (2) To provide resources and support for programs of evangelism focused on the needs of men.

  • (3) To provide resources and programs in the area of stewardship.

  • (4) To provide models and support for Annual Conference and local church United Methodist Men organizations.

The United Methodist Men of Sneads Ferry  is a chartered member of the organization and shares in these purposes as well as engages in other church and community outreach programs.   The men meet at the church each 1st Saturday of the month at 8:00 a.m. It is not necessary to attend each and every meeting to be involved but we need your prayers and support for the program to continue to be a vital part of the church.


       The UMM of Sneads Ferry sponsor a Helping Hand Ministry for those in need within the congregation and the greater Sneads Ferry community.  They provide charitable manpower for the elderly, single mothers, single women, spouses of deployed military personnel  and other needy individuals.  In so doing the love of Christ is extended.  Examples of the types of service they could provide include: painting, light carpentry, yard/attic/garage clean-up, drywall repair, simple roof repair, light demolition, and the moving of furniture.  Needs that require technical expertise, such as repair to or replacement of an electrical or mechanical system, would almost certainly require the the services of licensed technicians.  However, the Helping Hand Ministry is more than willing to investigate any need so as to provide advice on how to proceed.  Although their assistance may in many circumstance include provision of incidental materials, cost of major materials and the procurement of the same would need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Please consider calling on them to help by leaving a note in the helping hands box at church, by contacting the pastor or church office, or by clicking on the link below:




At A Glance

DATE:  First Saturday of Each Month

TIME:   8:00 A.M.

WHERE:  The Fellowship Hall

Robinson, Alan.jpg


Alan Robinson

President of the UMM

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